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Apply WinXP SP2

Posted on 5 February 2005

For a few months, I have been delaying to install SP2 although it had been downloaded from my Automatic Windows Updates. Why ?? Because I read too many rumours that SP2 affects the functionality of Windows XP, also I saw my boss’ IBM notebook had several problems when he accidentally installed SP2 and I had […]

Virtual Keyboard

Posted on 4 February 2005

In my childhood (well, I confess even until now), I imagine one day people can type virtually in the air; while the display is projected in the air as well. So I was very surprised when getting the news of Virtual Keyboard, you can read further details here. That is fantastic !! It will project […]

Back Again

Posted on 3 February 2005

Phew, akhirnya saya kembali menulis blog setelah sempat vakum selama 1 bulan lebih :-(. Ndak tahu kenapa, tapi sangat tidak mood untuk menulis blog. Pada bulan Desember 2004, saat Brian masuk ke rumah sakit opname (tgl 22 – 26 Des 04) karena sakit paratyphus; praktis kami merayakan Natal di RS Telogorejo dengan sangat berprihatin. Setelah […]

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