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Good Bye MX Backup

Posted on 9 June 2005

Finally, after so many years I have been using MX Backup, I changed the decision not to use MX Backup. It was a very difficult situation, because all of us like to have “Backup” system in all of our systems, don’t we ?? <g>. I took that decision because of some consideration as follows: Difficulties […]

Local Queue in MDaemon 8.x

Posted on 7 June 2005

Recently we just upgraded our Mail Server to use the latest version of MDaemon, that is version 8.0.2. It worked great with several additional major features. However after running smoothly for two days, we found out that a lot of messages (950+) stucked in the Local Queue :-(. Initially I thought it was caused by […]

Time Synchronization in Windows

Posted on 17 May 2005

This week, I had a chance of playing Time Synchronization in Windows. I tried NetTime, an Open Source implementation of SNTP protocol. What makes it wonderful is the capability to be Server and Client for SNTP. Installation is very easy, thus I am not putting in this blog. If you are using WinNT or Win2K, […]

Outlook strikes again

Posted on 8 May 2005

For two days, Outlook strikes again. In our scenario, we configured Outlook to save the PST files to the network file server; so that we can have a better centralized backup. However, if a smallest problem happens with the File Server or the network connection, it takes a very long time for the users to […]


Posted on 28 April 2005

Recently after we had a server for internal IT usage, then I thought it is time to have our internal website with minimum coding efforts. I installed eGroupware in our IIS but there was an installation problem which I could not solve for a few days, even after searching in their documentations, support forums, and […]


Posted on 16 April 2005

Kebetulan pada minggu ini juga, saya pas lagi sibuk mengotak-atik Microsoft Software Update Services agar kami lebih mudah menangani instalasi patch dan Service Pack untuk seluruh workstation yang ada. Busyet, setelah SUS sudah jalan, ternyata butuh 4 hari untuk download semua patch dan Service Pack dari situs-nya Microsoft bok !! Tepatnya ada 1.7GB data yang […]

Dokumentasi Open Source

Posted on 16 April 2005

Minggu ini, saya pun sibuk mengotak-atik percobaan instalasi eGroupware dan phpGroupware, berarti sekaligus menyandingkan IIS dengan PHP dan MySQL. Sungguh pekerjaan yang lebih sulit jika dibandingkan menggunakan three musketeers, yaitu Apache, PHP, dan MySQL. Bah, saya merasakan betapa minimnya dokumentasi untuk sekedar instalasi aplikasi-aplikasi Open Source tersebut diatas. Ternyata masalah saya disebabkan karena PHP menggunakan […]

Delphi.NET on .NET CF

Posted on 22 March 2005

Wow, we had a very exciting news from Danny Thorpe, Borland Chief Scientist that someone in Borland called Seppy was able to demonstrate to develop an application with Delphi.NET and run it in .NET Compact Framework !! It is really exciting after we were down while reading his explaination why Borland still does not support […]

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