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From NT to 2003 History

Posted on 23 November 2004

Well, it is always interesting to read the full detailed history of a successful product in software development areas. If you want to know further regarding the history of Windows NT to Windows 2003, please read 3-parts article written by Paul Thurrott here.

I just knew that NT stands for N-Ten (the code-name of Intel i860, a RISC processor which was horribly behind schedule), not New Technology; gotcha !! Also I read that the core architecture of NT is so solid that it can manage to the development of today’s embedded devices to 64-way 64-bit multiprocessor machines. Do you know how long it takes to make a full build on a daily basis ?? 12-13 hours !! Oh my God, it is a GIANT software project indeed. You must read the War Room meeting as well, very scary :-(. And the last part, I think you will be impressed on Microsoft EEC – Enterprise Engineering Center; where you can have your real-world testing with your current infrastructure. I read that Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) simulated their infrastructure consisting of over 4400 servers, 400 domains (collapsed to 178 domains in Active Directory), 1 Terrabyte of disk storage and Microsoft was able to provide whatever KDE needs.

It is a really must-to-read article.

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  1. loet said,

    on November 23rd, 2004 at 1:19 pm

    Tulisannya sip juga boss…baru masuk udah baca tulisan mumet…lier euyy hehehehe

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