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Apply WinXP SP2

Posted on 5 February 2005

For a few months, I have been delaying to install SP2 although it had been downloaded from my Automatic Windows Updates. Why ?? Because I read too many rumours that SP2 affects the functionality of Windows XP, also I saw my boss’ IBM notebook had several problems when he accidentally installed SP2 and I had to uninstall SP2 from his notebook.

Today I thought I have some time to apply SP2 to my notebook. It took slightly more than 1 hour, quite longer than what I estimated.

First, I had a problem with my web browsing. I used Mozilla and SlimBrowser to open several URLs with no result. I tried PING and TRACERT to those same URLs, but it failed. Adoh, I had somehow regretted that I didn’t do any backup because I feel confident that SP2 can be uninstalled without any problem (because I had the experience of smooth SP2
uninstallation before). Finally I found out that our ISP got a problem, after switching to other ISP, the web browsing was successful.

Second, I had a quite short time to decide whether Windows Firewall suited me and replaced my long-time-friend ZoneAlarm or not. After evaluating Windows Firewall, I still prefer using ZoneAlarm instead of Windows Firewall.

Third, Security Center indicated that it could not detect the version of Anti Virus used while it was able to detect I am using Norton Anti Virus. Strange, isn’t it ?? I turned of the AV monitoring and the indicator turns out to be yellow (instead of red).

Four, I had a wonder that my Bluetooth drivers work properly; I could connect to my T610 and iPAQ 2210. But for those who have problems with their Bluetooth equipments, please read this document first.

It is always better to read the How-To documents. Hope you can apply SP2 successfully :-).

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