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iPAQ Warranty Checking

Posted on 21 March 2005

For those who want to check your iPAQ warranty period expiration, please take a look in here. Be sure to input your Product Number (warning: not P/N, P/N stands for Part Number) and Serial Number correctly.

Oops, BTW my iPAQ’s warranty is expired already on 22 Feb 2005 :-(. I need to look for another iPAQ type, if my Finance Minister (aka Wife) allows me to do so :-).

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  1. Emil said,

    on August 31st, 2005 at 10:41 pm


    I got a question regarding IPAQ warranties. I have an IPAQ that i bought from an auction site. The unit is still under warranty as i checked through the link you gave me. I dropped the unit a few days ago. And just today i saw a problem with the display as though it’s resolution was set to very low (similar to what happens if you set your screen to 16 colors) I went to the HP Center here in the Philippines. The guys there my LCD and Motherboard sustained damage. He said the unit is still under warranty but i would need to pay P22,000 for the parts and they would replace with a new unit, i would like to add that the unit itself is being promoed as almost 30K for the brandnew here (you just need to add a broken cell or pda ). It actually 40K but with the swap you get 10K off. Anyway, i think that’s too high a fee i have to pay. Is this entirely correct?

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