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Posted on 28 April 2005

Recently after we had a server for internal IT usage, then I thought it is time to have our internal website with minimum coding efforts. I installed eGroupware in our IIS but there was an installation problem which I could not solve for a few days, even after searching in their documentations, support forums, and search engines. Luckily, we had another internal IT server in Linux platform and eGroupware was successfully installed there.

eGroupware is a good solution for having a Groupware site up-and-running within a few minutes.

There is a Calendar feature, to make appointment for our group. We can send the invitation, and also accept/reject the appointment. However, there is an input control of Projects which we could not use although we have enabled it through the custom field configuration. Sorry, it is my fault; I need to setup Jobs inside the projects, and the combo-box can be selected :-(.

Address-Book feature enables us to register all our Contacts info, so it can be shared within our team. It can import the entries from Outlook as well.

Forum feature provides us a standard discussion forum, which can be utilized as internal discussion forum media.

Projects feature gives us the opportunity to register our projects and jobs related to a particular project. However, in our installation, this feature is not working properly. Everytime we add new project, fill the information, and save it; it is not appearing in the project list. However, when we create new projects using the same identifier, an error specifying that entry has already existed. 🙁 Sorry, it is my fault; I should have given the ACL rights to the groups 🙁

We can input our trouble ticket into its Trouble Ticket System to collect our trouble ticket for further handling and analysis.

Knowledge Base is useful to key in good articles, tips and tricks, etc into a database shareable to other team members. Do not forget to give ACL rights to the correct groups also.

In short, although we face some difficulties in operating eGroupware, but it is a good software and worth to try for your official works. Hurry up, download your copy and install it in your server 🙂

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